Alloy Wheel Repair Guildford

If you are looking for wheel repair in Guildford, Alloy Care Centre is the best place to go. We have been repairing and refurbishing wheels in Guildford for several years and we are confident that we can repair your wheels to a high standard.

Unfortunately it is very easy to damage your wheels without necessarily doing anything wrong. Even the most cautious of drivers can easily find himself with a damaged wheel, perhaps from a kerb or even stones kicked up from a road. Damaged wheels can reduce the perceived value of your car, and make it look older and more worn than it actually is. Many of us take great pride in the appearance of our cars, and damaged wheels can let down even the most beautifully polished and maintained body work.

We use state of the art equipment and techniques for our wheel repairs in Guildford, and we are confident we can get even the most scuffed, damaged wheels looking great again in just a few short hours. We specialise in the repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels in Guildford. We also offer a diamond cutting service for alloy wheels which can bring your wheels to a whole new level.



While we usually have customers leave their car with us while we repair and refurbish their wheels, we can also collect loose wheels locally and return them once we have completed our refurbishment work. If you do leave your car with us, we have a pool of loan cars so you don’t need to sit about for the several hours it takes us to refurbish your wheels.

All of our staff are well trained and great at what they do; your wheels are in safe hands when you come to us for wheel repairs in Guildford. Take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.

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