Benefits of us supplying & fitting

Should your vehicle require tyres we are able to supply all makes and sizes at competitive prices. If the tyres we have removed from your wheels are illegal we will not refit them to the refurbished wheels, we will obviously contact you to inform you of this. Alternatively we are quite happy to fit tyres supplied by you. Please consider changing your tyres if they are near the legal limit as there may be a possibility that your refurbished wheels could be damaged by a careless tyre fitter at a future date.

Winter tyres

With the severe weather we have had in recent years you may also like to consider having a second set of wheels fitted with winter tyres. We are happy to source and refurbish wheels and have the tyres fitted for you. You simply have them swapped when the snow comes.

Hampshire – Surrey – West Sussex



A loan car is also available for your convenience. To save you the hassle of organising lifts to and from us we have loan cars available which you are able to use during the period your car is with us. We charge £12.00 for this service which covers insurance on our policy. The cars have full petrol tanks so you don’t have to worry about topping up, we take the mileage when you pick up the car and again when it is returned and charge 20p per mile to cover the cost of fuel.

Should you have loose wheels we can collect locally and return them once refurbished.

What else can we Powder Coat?

In a nutshell just about any object and any metal provided the item can fit in our stripping tank and oven!



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