Alloy Wheel Repair Alton

For alloy wheel repair in Alton, be sure to come to Alloy Care Centre.

We have many years’ experience in repairing alloy wheels in Alton and have many happy customers.

We all experience bumps and scrapes from time to time, and alloy wheels can bear the brunt of this. No matter how carefully we drive, we can often end up with bumps, scrapes or chips on our wheels. This can come from kerb damage when parking, grit ricocheting up off the road or even scrapes from passing cars. Often we don’t notice the damage when it happens; it’s only later that we spot our wheels looking worn and damaged. Unfortunately it only takes a little damage to make alloy wheels look shabby and this can lower the perceived value of the whole vehicle.

Luckily we are experts in alloy wheel restoration and repair in Alton and we are always happy to help.

Our expert process produces an extremely durable finish which looks fantastic. We also offer a diamond cutting service for alloy wheels which can really bring a shine to your wheels.

Because the alloy wheel refurbishment process takes a while, we have a pool of loan cars which our customers can use while they wait for their wheels to be repaired.

If you have loose wheels in need of restoration we are happy to collect them, refurbish and then return them to you.

We strive for excellent customer service every time, investing in the best people, processes and materials to ensure a great overall experience for our customers.

If you require alloy wheel refurbishment in Alton, contact Alloy Care Centre today.

Take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.

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