We have now had our diamond cutting lathe for approximately 6 months and we have been very pleased with it!  The finish we are achieving are great and we have never been busier, hence the time span since the last blog!  Now that we can offer all finishes “in-house”, we have picked up some new trade customers which is very pleasing.

What Are Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels?

These are alloy wheels that have been cut with an industrial, diamond-tipped, lathe to achieve a highly polished or machined look. As you can see from the photos below the effect of diamond cutting on these refurbished wheels is stunning.

alloy wheel diamond cutting refurbishment

diamond cut alloy wheel

Now that we are more familiar with the cutting technique we are able to identify those wheels that have been cut previously. There is a limit to the number of times a wheel can be cut. Although the process typically removes less than 1mm, if you remove too much metal it can change the profile of the wheel. This can result in metal being cut from a part of the wheel that should actually be painted! It is only through the experience of doing the work and really studying wheel profiles that we are able to spot any potential problems. As a rule this is only an issue for wheels which have badly damaged areas on the face. The rim is less of a problem because our lathe has the ability to remove the damage in this area only, rather than sweeping across the whole wheel.

We therefore make it clear to our customers if we feel one or more of the wheels have an issue and should not be cut. Should this be the case there is the option to fully paint the wheels. We always suggest the approach that we feel will achieve the best outcome.

Each time we cut a wheel the profile of the wheel is stored within a computer memory on the lathe. This means that when we come to work on the same size and style of wheel again the profile is already available, and does not need to be plotted before work can begin. If you have not done so already do please take a look at our diamond cutting video, which shows the plotting and cutting process.

If the wheel profile is suitable, which typically means the spokes have a flat surface rather than curved, it is possible that we can diamond cut wheels that have not been cut before. We would of course need to see the wheels before we can be sure.

With regard to timescale, for a set of 4 wheels we do suggest you allow 3 days for the work to be completed. If just one wheel needs to be re-cut then 2 days will be ample time.

We welcome you to come along to our premises and see some finished wheels, and take a look at the different colour options; we are passionate about our work and love to show visitors how well our new diamond cutting lathe works. If you have any questions do please call us or send us an email from our contact page.


Steve  –  ACC Wheels