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If you need wheel repair in Worthing, come to Alloy Care Centre. For several years now we have been repairing and refurbishing wheels in Worthing and we have numerous happy customers.

Even the most careful driver can end up with dents, chips or scrapes on their wheels. Grit ricocheting up from the road, kerb damage while driving and scrapes from other cars or debris can cause damage and often we don’t even notice it a the time. It only takes a little scuffing or chipping to make your wheels look scruffy and lower the perceived value of your whole car. Luckily here at Alloy Care Centre we are experts in wheel refurbishment and repair in Worthing and the surrounding area. We have years of experience in getting wheels looking shiny and pristine and we love the work we do.

Our process for wheel repair takes around eighteen hours, with a lot of attention to detail at each stage. First we remove the wheels from the car, and take off the tyres. Then our onsite team of expert wheel repairers then works carefully to repair any corrosion or damage. Once the repair stage is complete, we prime the wheels with a high quality powder coating. At this point we can paint the wheels in the colour of your choice before applying the final lacquer finish. After this a durable top coat is added, and the wheels are left to cool thoroughly. Once the wheels have cooled, we replace the tyres and put the wheels back on the car.


Our process for wheel refurbishment is robust and durable and produces a finished wheel which looks great and can improve the perceived value of your car.

We understand that leaving your car for such a long period of time can be a real nuisance, so we have a pool of loan cars for our customers to use while their wheels are being repaired. Also if you have loose wheels which need refurbishment we are happy to collect them, refurbish and return them.

We always aim to give our customers the very best service and a great overall experience for wheel repair in Worthing. We believe our customer service is just as important as our wheel repair, so we invest in the best people and the best materials so that you get the best possible service. For wheel repair in Worthing we believe we are the best!

Why not take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishers Worthing

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