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For wheel repair in Haslemere look no further.  No matter how carefully you drive, your wheels will inevitably get scratched or damaged. Even if you can avoid scraping kerbs while parking, grit and stones from the road will rebound up while you’re driving and leave marks, perhaps even chipping your wheels. Scuffed or chipped wheels don’t just look untidy; they can have a serious impact on the perceived value of your car. The good news is that although alloy wheels are easily tarnished, they are also fairly straightforward to refurbish and repair - for professionals like us at Alloy Care Centre, that is! If you are in need of wheel repair in Haslemere, Alloy Care Centre should be your first port of call. In a matter of hours we can refurbish even the most scuffed and damaged wheels to leave them looking pristine. We are specialists in wheel repair in Haslemere and the surrounding area and believe our wheel refurbishment process is second to none. We take great pride in our work and pay great attention to detail to ensure all wheel refurbishments are successful and produce great-looking wheels. We take around fourteen to eighteen hours to completely repair and refurbish a set of 4 wheels. First we remove the wheels from the car, and then we take the tyres off the wheels. Then our onsite team of experts begin the actual refurbishment process, starting with fully stripping the wheels of all paint and primer in the stripping tank. Any corrosion and damage is removed before the wheels are primed with a high quality powder coating. We will then paint the alloy with the colour of your choice before applying a powder lacquer finish. These layers make the finish incredible durable and resilient so that you can be sure they will look good for a long time. The wheels are then left to cool down fully before the tyres are replaced, wheels balanced and put back on the car. We also have a diamond cutting service for alloy wheels which can bring a whole new level of shine to your wheels. We believe our process, materials and attention to detail all combine to mean we are your best option for wheel refurbishment in Haslemere and the surrounding area.
    If you have loose wheels for repair local to us we are happy to collect these, refurbish and then return once finished. We also have  loan cars which you can borrow for a minimal charge while your wheels are being refurbished for your convenience. We are incredibly proud of the workmanship involved in our process, and of our highly skilled and trained staff. We value our customer service and client satisfaction as much as the actual work, and always aim to give our customers the best experience. We invest in the best staff and the best materials to ensure your wheels are in safe hands. We believe that if you need wheel repair in Haslemere, Alloy Care Centre is the first and only place you need to visit. Take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.  

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